February 25, 2024

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Download DirectX 12 Latest Version

Download DirectX 12 Latest Version

DirectX is a graphics support update for the Windows operating system. This version is essential for gamers and users of professional graphic design software.

DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces released completely free of charge by Microsoft to support the display of high-quality images or videos. The software is mainly used for users who watch movies or play games.

All modern Windows operating systems include DirectX by default, so you probably never need to install DirectX manually.

However, Microsoft has been released updated versions of DirectX, and installing the latest updates might be the fix to a DirectX issue that you have, such as dsetup.dll errors, or increase performance in your games and graphics programs.

Download DirectX 12 Latest Version

Features of DirectX 12

  • Better performance than previous versions
  • Optimize the features of the multi-core processor
  • Nice shading effect
  • Unique surface texture technology
  • Smooth animation effects
  • 3-dimensional (3D) rendering beautifully
  • Has multithreading feature
  • Render graphics to look almost like real-life effects
  • Use the perfect Bump Mapping algorithm
  • Smoother shape, less messy
  • The level of graphical detail is very high
  • Direct Compute application programming interface helps accelerate graphics, especially for image editing software like Adobe Photoshop
  • Scalability for artwork
  • Support for most graphics cards like Intel and ATI

DirectX 12 Free Download for Windows

DirectX 12 Download

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