June 15, 2024

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Download DiskGetor Data Recovery for Windows

Download DiskGetor Data Recovery for Windows

DiskGetor Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software that can restore deleted data, lost data, corrupted data, and formatted data. The program can also recover data from formatted hard disk, damaged hard drive, Ghosted hard drive, formatted hard disk, USB.

DiskGetor Data Recovery helps you solve the problems concerning your data security. The tool can quickly recover lost, deleted, damaged, and formatted data from hard drive or partition. Even if you have written new data to your hard drive or partition, DiskGetor Data Recovery can still find the folder tree from the hard drive.

The main Features of DiskGetor Data Recovery

Recover special files under different types

The tool is fully compatible with Office2007 and can recover data to the correct format like XLSX / PPTX / DOCX. RAW files can be restored to NEF or CR2.

Recover NTFS corrupted by the virus

For FILEnnnn.CHK files, the tool can recognize the original extension and recover corrupted or confidential folders with the perfect filename.

Recover *.CHK files created when running CHKDSK

The system will eject the unformatted disks or the root directory that is damaged and unreadable. A special function of the tool will list the root directories and restore the data completely.

Intelligent file analysis function

If the files overlap when being restored according to the criteria, the software will remove those files to save time.

Quickly recover formatted partitions

If the formatted partitions are not so important, the tool will list the categories and files quickly.

DiskGetor Data Recovery free download for Windows

DiskGetor Data Recovery Download

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