June 15, 2024

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Download Defraggler for Windows

Download Defraggler for Windows

Defraggler is a free defragmentation software, very light, and does not affect the system performance. Supports NTFS and FAT 32 file systems. The software will list the hard disk partition list, you simply select a specific partition and click Analyze then the software automatically analyzes the fragmentation of that partition.

What news of Defraggler

  • Fixed an issue that caused scheduled defragmentation to fail silently
  • Improved SSD detection for the latest SSD devices
  • Improved SSD detection for laptops
  • New privacy menu installer
  • /L (list) switch now highlights SSDs
  • Added a warning when trying to defragment SSDs
  • Added switch to force defragmentation of SSD
  • Fixed cutting text on ‘Defrag’ button in Dutch
  • Added a warning when attempting to defrag SSDs
  • Fixed text bleeding in the installer for German and other languages
Defraggler Interface

Main features of Defraggler

  • Minimize function to the system tray.
  • Defragment exactly what you want
  • Defraggler’s Interactive Drive Map gives you immediate graphical insight into what’s on your drive.
  • Safe and Secure
  • Quick defragmentation
  • Scheduled defragmentation
  • Multilingual support

Defraggler free download for Windows

Defraggler 2.22 Download

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