April 21, 2024

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Download VLC for Windows 10

Download VLC for Windows 10

VLC for Windows 10 is a free media player for Windows 10 devices with the ability to support multiple formats, search and manage music files, and many other features. VLC Media Player for Windows 10 runs on PCs, tablets, phones, and HoloLens virtual reality glasses.

As a popular movie, music, and entertainment application, VLC (or VLC Media Player) is available on many versions and is compatible with multiple devices. The official version for Windows 10 is finally released after a long period of development and fixing of problems. This version brings familiar features that users still love from iOS and Android phones, and also has a number of new features.

The company also uses patented technologies for Windows 10 such as the feature of DirectX 11 for video and audio with low latency, allowing extended usage, limiting battery drain, and playing with smoother 4K quality. In addition, VLC also has a Picture-in-Picture mode, which makes it easy to watch videos while browsing the file library. The files are filtered by album, artists and also have quite detailed information such as similar artists or artist biography.

Note that the VLC version for Windows 10 has stopped supporting DVDs and Bluray disks, so if you want to play these disks, select the VLC for PC version. In addition, the publisher is planning to bring VLC to Xbox One so Xbox users can keep waiting for the company’s upcoming products.

Main Features of VLC for Windows 10

  • Beautiful and modern interface.
  • Support many multimedia file formats, including MKV, FLAC …
  • Filter files by artist, album, playlist, or playlist.
  • Provide information about artists, biographies…
  • Easy music management per folder.
  • Search, share music easily.
  • Support for Windows 10 features such as Cortana, Continuum, Live Tile, and pin to the Start Menu.
  • Support downloading subtitles while watching movies.
  • Work on all Windows 10 devices and supports HoloLens virtual reality glasses.
  • Mini-player feature allows minimizing the player.
  • Picture-in-Picture allows you to listen to music that was currently being searched in the library.

VLC free download for Windows 10

VLC for Windows 10 Download

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