July 25, 2021

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Download Safari for Windows

Download Safari for Windows

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. Safari 5.1.7 version comes with its OS X Lion operating system and an installer for windows is available.

IOS users greatly appreciate Apple’s Safari browser due to its speed, security, and low computing resource consumption. Safari also offers users an incognito browsing mode, ensuring that any internet surfing traces will not be saved after closing the browser, nor will you be monitored by add-ons.

Download Safari for Windows

Main features of Safari browser for Windows

  • HTML5 support: Display HTML5 videos in screen mode, HTML5 AJAX history, offline HTML5 support.
  • Reading List: Help users easily add web pages and links to Reading List to see when they have time.
  • New Process Architecture: Safari 5.1.7 has been redesigned, with significant improvements in stability and responsiveness to computer processing.
  • Resume: In the General section of the Safari reference, users can choose to launch Safari to open browser windows since the last web browsing.
  • Improved security: A new Privacy window in the Safari reference makes it easy to remove website data that can be stored on a user’s computer.
  • Private AutoFill: Allows users to quickly fill out text forms while ensuring that personal information is private.
  • Find Option: When using the Search function, users can choose to search text containing or start with the query term entered in the search box.
  • Drag-and-drop feature in Download section: Allows dragging items in Safari’s Download window, easily place downloaded files on the screen.
  • Advanced Web Technology: Safari browser supports viewing web pages in full-screen format, using HTML5 application cache, supports mathematical or MathML languages, open web formats, applications in CSS3, and other XML file format.
  • New API Extensions: Developers can take advantage of Safari’s extended support for new menus, event classes, and easier interaction with readers.
  • Customize page style, enhance keyboard navigation and page caching, drag and drop page attributes.
  • Supports next-generation web standards.
  • Priority location services.
  • In addition, Safari also has the main features of a web browser such as bookmarks, browse in incognito mode, saving history, searching, blocking pop-ups.
  • Support for multiple keyboard shortcuts, spell checking, web page printing, LiveConnect.
  • Support advanced text formats (contextual, international language).
  • Navigate to the proxy settings from Safari (Safari keeps the proxy settings in the Internet control panel on Windows).
  • Manage cookies.

The defect of Safari browser is that when you watch videos on YouTube you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed to display the videos. However, the installation process is quite simple, it does not take time.

Safari on Windows, although it seems to lack some of the features of modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, it is actually a good choice, works quite smoothly and gently on the Windows operating system.

Safari 5.1.7 Free Download for Windows

Safari 5.1.7 Download

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