July 24, 2021

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Download Google Photos for Windows

Download Google Photos for Windows, Android, IOS

Google Photos is a place to store all your photos and videos, easy to find, and share.

Like other cloud storage services, Google Photos allows users to store photos and videos on the cloud. But the special thing is, while other hosting services either charge or limit storage space, Google Photos doesn’t. It allows users to store unlimited images and videos completely free. Try to see which utilities Google Photos brings to users.

Google Photos for Windows

Main Features of Google Photos

1. Optimal and free storage

Google Photos PC allows users to store photos and videos absolutely free of charge, without any limited space or storage space. The only limitation is that the image resolution is no more than 16 megapixels, and videos more than 1080p. Files that exceed this limit are automatically compressed.

And if you want to save images and videos in their original format, Google Photos will give you only 14.1 GB of storage.

2. Automatically download images and videos from all devices

Upload, back up and view all your photos from any device. Edits made will appear immediately on all devices.

3. Automatically organize photos and search features

Photos in the Google Photos app are automatically sorted by items, places, and people. Search by content you remember about photos without description tags.

4. Easily edit and share

Cut, add filters, and adjust images in the browser. Share multiple photos at the same time with people who haven’t installed Google Photos. Sharing features include the ability to create a web gallery to share with friends. You can easily send your photos to social networking sites or create galleries for your friends to see and download for personal use if they’re logged into Google.

5. Batch processing images

You can delete, save, batch edit photos, just click and drag the images you want to manipulate. The app also provides a photo assistant, automatically editing your photos and videos. This is a very popular feature on Google+.

Google Photos can point out “corrupted” images, and can safely delete them. It can also identify images taken in succession and combine them into a short movie or create an animated image in GIF format.

Note: To use Google Photos, you need to sign up for a Google account (Gmail account you use often), then Google Photos will back up your photos.

Google Photos free download for Windows

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