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Download office 2010 professional plus 64 bit

Download Microsoft Office 2010 for windows 7,8,10

Office 2010 provides users with the tools to edit Word documents, create Excel spreadsheets, or create PowerPoint presentation slides with many new features, Office 2010, to meet the needs of today’s users, especially, Security is more advanced, users can share online through Microsoft account to make the job more efficient.

Office 2010 is a suite of office tools version 2010 including applications for text editing, creating and editing spreadsheets, creating presentations… These are the basic functions of the Office suite, in addition to email management, support working online, sharing and saving files online safely.

New Features of Microsoft Office 2010

Universal Ribbon

Download office 2010 professional plus 64 bit Ribbon

First is the universal ribbon feature. The ribbon interface is now part of each office application. The ribbon feature was first introduced in Office 2007 in some applications. But users didn’t like it much. And it had faced a lot of criticism due to the user interface and features. However, it was indeed a great tool and with MS Office 2010 came the company with a futuristic and useful design in many ways.

Customizable ribbon

Download office 2010 professional plus 64 bit custom ribbon

There are a lot of users who never adjusted their toolbars in earlier versions of Office. Also, there are quite a lot of users who came forward and optimized it extensively. With a customizable ribbon, users can also regroup various tools and tabs according to their needs. Even administrators can create ribbons and distribute them to users to take a customized approach.

Backstage View

Download office 2010 professional plus 64 bit backstageView

With Microsoft 2010, you also get a backstage view. Whenever you click on the new file button in MS Office 2010 gives you access to all your save, save as, open and close applications. You can also customize document properties, manage versions, review compatibility issues, and delete the hidden metadata document for sharing purposes, and so on.

Paste Preview

With MS Office 2010, you also get a feature called Paste Preview. It gives you an option from which you can move through an option and see what the clipboard item looks like. You can get this feature from the Home ribbon and then simply click on paste drop-down menu and hover over your options.

Office Web Apps

Office 2010 also includes a set of web-based applications. Like online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others. These tools work through Windows Live and SharePoint. In addition, the best part of these tools is that you can use them online.

Protected View

Office 2010 also introduces a new feature called Protected View. When you open a new document, workbooks, presentations, and Outlook attachments that you downloaded from the Internet, they open as read-only in the new protected view. Therefore, the application runs in a sandbox to protect it. In this mode, you cannot edit the file. To edit the file, you must enable the option.

More Themes

Now you can use themes for all MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power, and others. This allows you to ensure a consistent look for your various documents. In addition, Microsoft has increased the number of built-in themes. On one side where Office 2007 offers 20 themes, Office 2010 offers 40 themes.

Insert a Screenshot

Download office 2010 professional plus 64 bit Screenshot

It is not necessary to take a screenshot with an additional tool like Snipping Tool and insert it into your document. Instead, you can use the Insert ribbon and click the screenshot to capture an image that you would like to insert in your document.

Crop Images to a Shape

If you want to crop images to shop then you can do the same from Office 2010. You don’t need to use an additional photo editing tool. Instead, go to the Format contextual ribbon, and under the Crop option, choose Crop to Shape.

New Photo Editing Options

There are also plenty of other photo editing options included in Word 2010. You can find these tools by inserting an image and selecting it. After that, you can go to the Format contextual ribbon and looking at its options, which include Remove Background and Artistic Effects and so on.

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download for Windows 7/8/10


While installing an office application and get an alert with a message: “Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s): This product requires Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or higher, with ASP .NET v4.0 in the list of IIS Web Server Extensions. Correct the issue(s) listed above and re-run the setup.” Please follow the below article to get a solution.

Office 2010 Professional (64bit) Download

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Office 2010 Standard (64bit) Download

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