September 12, 2021

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Download Who Deleted Me For Chrome

Who Deleted Me is an add-on in Google Chrome that shows you know who unfriended you on Facebook.

When someone sends an invitation to make friends on Facebook, you get a notification, but when someone unfriends you do not know until you accidentally visit their personal page and know they were no longer their friend. With Who Deleted You’ll get me a notification when someone disappears from your Facebook friends list.


Who Deleted Me was once an application on Facebook, but they were forced to stop working on Facebook because the social network changed its policies for apps. So if you want to continue using Who Deleted Me, download Who Deleted Me for Chrome and install it to receive notifications directly in your Google Chrome browser.

Not only is the notification when someone unfriends you, but you also know if their account is disabled.
Besides, this application also shows the latest friends, the friends you haven’t befriended, and the last time you’ve visited a friend’s Facebook.

However, this application can only execute these functions since you installed it, it can not display people who have unfriended you before.

Main Feature of Who Deleted Me

  • Notify you when someone unfriends with you.
  • Check your friends list regularly to see who has unfriended you the earliest.
  • Tell us exactly who deleted you or your account.

Free Download Who Deleted Me for Chrome


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