May 27, 2024

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Download Telegram for Windows 10

Download Telegram for Windows 10

Telegram is a free chat and messaging application on mobile phones, now available exclusively for computers. The features of Telegram Desktop are on par with Skype, Viber, Messenger… but the program is more compact and much more secure.

Recently, the popular messaging service Telegram has introduced a desktop application that runs Windows 10 on the Windows Store. Because it is not an application for mobile devices, basically, the Telegram Desktop chat application on the Windows Store has many characteristics similar to the desktop application that users can download directly from Telegram.

However, one of the great benefits of installing the Telegram Desktop app for Windows 10 is that you can receive automatic updates directly through the Windows Store.

Because there are many similarities to the desktop version of Win32, the free messaging app Telegram Desktop has the same interface and dynamic effects as the previous major update.

Main features of the chat application Telegram Desktop for Windows 10

  • Fast speed: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a distributed infrastructure with data centers around the globe to connect users to the nearest server.
  • Security: The developer’s mission is to provide the best security for many users who need to text. Telegram will thoroughly encrypt all data using time-tested algorithms
  • Online storage: Telegram will constantly sync data across all devices so users can always access their data safely. Message history will be stored for free in Telegram’s cloud service so that users will never lose data.
  • Group chat and sharing: With the Telegram chat software, users can set up large chat groups with the number of members up to 200, send notification information to up to 100 people at once, quickly video. large file sizes (.doc, .ppt, .zip, etc.) and send lots of pictures to friends
  • Reliable: Created with the purpose of sending messages with a minimum number of bytes, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever released. This application can work well even the weakest network connection
  • Completely free & without ads: Telegram is a free messaging app and will always be. The developer has no plans to advertise or require a paid subscription
  • Privacy protection: Developers take the user’s privacy very seriously, so never allow unauthorized third parties to access data.

Telegram free download for Windows 10

Telegram for Windows 10 Download

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