March 23, 2023

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Download Dropbox for Mac

Download Dropbox for Mac

Dropbox is an online data storage service that is trusted by many Mac users, because of the ability to store and share all the necessary documents, accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Dropbox also makes it easy to share those documents with many other users. Even if the computer hard drive is damaged, the data on the phone is completely lost, you can still be assured because there is still a copy of that document on Dropbox. Dropbox has just released a new update for applications on Mac OS X and Windows to add the ability to automatically upload screenshots to users’ accounts.

Previously we were able to do the same thanks to Dropbox’s Camera Upload feature on mobile devices, but now it has been brought to the computer. Besides, after a screenshot is recorded, Dropbox will also create and copy a link to the system clipboard, so we just need to paste the link into Email, Chat frames, Facebook, Twitter … that can be shared immediately with everyone. Also on this occasion, Dropbox has added Mac users the tool to help import photos directly from iPhoto software to Dropbox, and create available events according to iPhoto’s photo library.

Dropbox for Mac

Main features of Dropbox

Access files from anywhere

All files stored in Dropbox can be accessed from anywhere from a computer or phone.

  • 2 GB free memory, registered version supports up to 100 GB
  • Files are always secure on the Dropbox website
  • Works offline when there is no Internet connection
  • Dropbox only uploads/downloads changes to the file (not the entire file).
  • You can set the bandwidth limit manually

Sharing is easy

Share folders so that multiple users can work together

  • Invite your friends, colleagues, and relatives to work on a folder quickly and conveniently, as working with files stored on their computers.
  • See the changes on the file immediately when a user edits
  • Create photo galleries and share them with anyone you want
  • Send a file-sharing link in Dropbox’s Public folder to anyone

Mobile Dropbox

Dropbox apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry help you always see the documents/photos needed anywhere.

  • Bring files even when you’re on the road
  • Edit files stored on Dropbox from mobile devices
  • Easily upload photos and videos from your phone to Dropbox
  • Share with friends and family

Security tool

Dropbox secures your files

  • Dropbox stores your work history for a month
  • Any changes can be reverted including deleted files
  • AES-256 support and SSL encryption

Dropbox free download for Mac

Dropbox 97.4.467 for Mac Download

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