February 25, 2024

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Download Avast Online Security For Chrome

Avast Online Security is Avast’s online antivirus application that integrates directly with the Google Chrome browser to protect users from Internet threats. It protects Google Chrome browser to help you surf the web without worrying about potential dangers.

Main Features of Avast Online Security

  • Collect data on phishing websites and display warnings from phishing sites if you are visiting one of them.
  • Provides permission to access to the Avast website’s reputation system, which is supported by a community with over 220 million users.
  • It tells you the rating of a site next to the link in the search results.
  • It warns you when you visit a site with a bad reputation.
  • Allows quick site review with one click to improve the system and help other users.
  • Automatically redirect to legitimate website when you misspelled a URL
  • Switch to SafeZone when users visit sensitive financial sites or pay online.

Avast Online Security Free Download


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