December 4, 2022

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Common Visual Studio 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts

You can more easily access a variety of commands and windows in Visual Studio by choosing the appropriate keyboard shortcut. But it is too much to remember the whole thing. Below is Common Visual Studio 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts. I hope that it will be useful for you.

Shortcut Purpose
Ctrl+Shift+O Open solution
Ctrl+Shift+N Add New Project
Ctrl+; Search in Solution Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+I Open Immediate window
F4 or Alt+Enter Open Properties window
Ctrl+Shift+B Build
F5 Run
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Restart
F2 Rename
Ctrl+F4 Close Current item
Ctrl+W Close All the document
Ctrl+tab or Ctrl+Alt+ Down Arrow Navigate to the previously opened file
Ctrl+Shift+F Search in files
Ctrl+Shift+H Replace in files
Ctrl+Alt+W Add Watch
Shift+F9 or Ctrl+Alt+Q Quick Watch
Ctrl+, Navigate
Ctrl+N Add New File
Ctrl+Shift+A Add New Item
Alt+Shift+A Add Existing Item
Ctrl+K+C Comment
Ctrl+K+U Remove comment
Ctrl+. Quick fix
Ctrl+Shift+S Save All
Ctrl+S Save current item
Hold Alt+Shift and move up/down/left/right Multi line edit / vertical typing
Ctrl + – Navigate backward
Ctrl + Shift + – Navigate forward
Shift+F12 Find reference
Cut: Ctrl +L
Delete: Ctrl+Shift+L
Cut / Delete line
C#: Ctrl+M+O Collapse All
Current Method: Ctrl+M+M
Ctrl+M+A (HTML also)
Ctrl+M+L Expand All
Up: ALT + ↑ Down: ALT + ↓ Move line up/down
Ctrl +Shift+f9 Delete all break point
Ctrl +K+D Format code
Ctrl+K+S Surround with
F9 Add/Remove Break Point
Alt+F12 Peek definition
F12 Got to definition
Ctrl+F12 Go to implementation
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